Did Google's algorithm update go far enough on content farms?

This article from WebProNews provides a good overview of the much-discussed Google algorithm change, which seeks to downgrade “shallow” content produced by companies like Demand Media. 

Google is the equivalent of your friendly, neighborhood editor of the newspaper front page.  While the newspaper pushes a single menu of chosen stories, in a certain hierarchy, to every subscriber, Google must be prepared at any moment to serve up a “front page” on the subject you choose — a “pull” newspaper.  This editor’s brain, or filter, consists largely of the closely guarded, complex algorithms that push some content to the top of page 1 and relegate other content to distant realms (i.e., page 2 and beyond). 

With Bing in its rearview mirror, Google needs to be sure its brain stays sharp — and selective. If the editor is just going through the motions, an advertorial could wind up on page 1 (which happens quite frequently in even the best Web search).  For those of us who work hard to produce something more than perfunctory content, the fact that Google perceives an ongoing need to serve up better content is good news, indeed.  Of course, if the difference between content and ad becomes indistinguishable, then AdWords will be a tough sell; but whatever the reason, the outcome is optimistic. 

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